About this Blog

I decided to split out my personalities into several key blogs, One is about me, One is about my poetry, and this One, well, this is the one that I will post my ideas and concepts to. I will be locking a lot of it out – but if you know me, you can always ask to read the sections I have protected….

If you don’t know me, you can ask, but don’t be offended if I say no, If I get to know you over time, and you are an active commenter, I will be happier to grant access to the protected areas.

I am also going to transfer several posts from other blogs of mine to this blog – I can plagiarize myself, can’t I??

so… who am I?

I am a 40+ year old Sales Guy who has 3 kids, a furry overlord (Cat), a mortgage, a house and a car. I live in Tuggeranong, a district of Canberra, Australia. None of my comments are my employer’s, it is all me. The good, the really bad and the pretty ugly from my chaotic mind.


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