Posted by: peterhact | May 13, 2014

Technology in Education – where is the letdown?

Technology is being provided to children in schools – they have access to the latest computers, interactive systems and software packages. What happens when they enter the workforce? will the technology that they are being taught to treat as everyday be waiting for them?

Or will the harsh reality be that the technology that they are using is miles ahead of the employers that they will be working for? Why is it that the adoption of new technology is seen to be the future in education, but is not adopted in the corporate world?

The problem is that the children are being educated to use technology as this is seen as the future of their lives, their generation. The reality is that if they leave school and start a company, they will have the technology that they know and use daily. If they join a company that is open minded to change, they will be able to influence that change. If they join a company or department that is run by an older closed generation, they will not be able to use the skills that they have gained.

What can a company do to keep their new employees from getting listless and bored with the technology that they are presented with at the workplace, considering that they have been given the best of the best for many years of their young lives? Do they have to install the latest and greatest tech equipment? How about creating initiatives that capitalises on the new employee’s technology view? If a company implements a tenth of the technology that these young people have had access to, there will be benefits in many ways, not just from staff retention, but in productivity and cost savings – video conferencing, voice over IP, these were all things that were seen as new technology a few years ago. Many companies who have embraced these new forms of communication have already seen savings, no longer flying to meetings, reducing costs in calls, spending less on technology that was not meeting their needs.

If our talented youth are to be retained in business, make the tough calls. engage with these new members of staff and listen to them. The worst thing is to ignore these technology savvy people, who may one day be running companies that you can only dream of.


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