Posted by: peterhact | September 13, 2013

Thinking about employees

Some Employers seem to have forgotten that they have a duty of care to their employees. When you hire a new employee, the company is taking a risk. The employee might not work out, they might not be a suitable fit for the environment or team. This can lead to friction and stress for all concerned.

What some employers seem to forget is that an employee takes a risk too. They are staking their future on your reputation and that what you say is actually the truth. So there are two elements of risk.

If the employer is unable to support multiple staff, they may retrench the surplus. This is, by far, the best method to exit a staff member who has been loyal and actively contributing to the company.

Sacking needs grounds for the termination and they must be valid – if you use a reason that is detrimental to an employee’s future, make sure you are prepared for the consequences.

The single most nasty way to deal with employees harshly is to decide that it is all too hard and that administration is the best solution. If an employer reaches this situation, they need to know exactly what they are doing, as whilst it is a way to deal with the outstanding debts, closing a company down is still an emotive issue.

For a business, it is a position that should not be taken lightly. If the company has the ability to pay out employee entitlements, it should do so.
If the company cannot, making an attempt to provide as much as possible to the employees may lessen stress and financial strain on the employee.

Imagine if you had not been paid for a month and then were told that claims may take up to 8 weeks for entitlements. As long as you have some savings, you should be fine, but if these funds have already been depleted by a lack of salary for a month, the stress will be very difficult to ignore.

Lets say that the entitlements are quite large. This may also impact the amount of money that can be made available to you via government assistance, regardless of the availability of the funds.

In actuality, the amount if stress this process can create can lead to breakdowns and withdrawal, which cannot assist the employee in finding a new job. It can also lead to bitterness and resentment about the employer, and destroy long term friendships if they exist.

If you are an employer, consider that you are a member of your employee’s life. You may not be over for dinner, you may not go to their children’s parties, but every decision you make, good or bad, impacts them as well as you.

If you look after them, they are loyal. If you don’t, you may lose an advocate about your business.


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