Posted by: peterhact | December 9, 2012

My 5-Year Plan is just like hiking up a mountain…

There aren’t many mountains around Canberra suburbs that I haven’t hiked to the top of. There are a couple that you can drive up, but I have always planned to hike up two, One being Mount Taylor and the other, although incorrectly named, is Tuggeranong Hill.

Hiking up mountains seems to be like creating a 5-year plan. I have a 5-year plan. it isn’t on my resume, but it is there in my head. It has the usual things in the plan, one day I will write it down, but I like to think that while it is in my head, it is an always changing draft – edited, changed and improved over the years.

Yes, there is a reference to money in my 5-year plan. Yes, there is a new car, a new house, (or improvements to my current one – that changes too) and a steady job that makes me happy to go to work. I have my kids in my plan, working for the day when I spend more time with them, I have more money to buy them things and I am well off, just in case something comes up that they need.

Today, I completed one of my goals. Not a business goal, but a personal one that makes me think I can do anything at all – for today, I hiked up Tuggeranong hill, with a camera, and I took photos. Not bad for someone that was told only a few weeks ago that I am fat. (they also mentioned balding, but what can I do about the unchangeable?) I took the hike at one series of steps at a time. Ten steps up. Ten steps up, again and again until I was standing at the summit, enjoying the view. This is what I mean about my 5-year plan. Today, although I am very unfit, I took a challenge head on and I won. I didn’t get a stitch. I didn’t give up. I just walked and walked till I was where I wanted to be. I was Positive, filled with purpose and determination.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I was positive, I probably would have given up without meeting my objective.

This is how I approach my life. If I get knocked down, I get up and take a ten more steps. What is this just like? Cold Calling. For every ten calls I make, I get one that is a yes, I focus on that yes and I grow from there.

I have been accused recently of not having any direction. I have a direction, but I have set myself boundaries. I have a strategy that I apply. I have procedures that I adhere to. I take ten steps up a mountain and then I take another ten. I apply the same thinking to my work – I make ten calls, I make another ten calls, I don’t think that I will fail, I know that if I remain positive, I will win.

If I am working, I will give ten steps. Then another ten steps. And another. I will give my ten steps till I am standing on the summit, looking down, and then I will find another big mountain, another challenge, and off I go again. I am not saying to anyone that I will set the world on fire overnight. I am saying that if I walk up the mountain, ten steps at a time, I will reach my goals, I will complete my 5-year plan, and then I will make a new one.



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