Posted by: peterhact | September 3, 2012

“Looking for new challenges and opportunities”

“Looking for new challenges and opportunities” seems to be the polite way of saying, “I am unemployed. I need a job” in the digital age. I sometimes think I need a big card that says “Will work for Money” – to be held in the faces of every single person I know in case they a) have a job going, b) are asking where I am working and c) are wondering what I have been up to.

I saw a young man the other day with a card that read “spare change for accommodation” He was looking worn out, sad, sadder than I could ever be and I wondered where were the people that can help somebody like this, where are the charities when a person needs help but is too proud to ask? Why is it that the job search minefield seems to be just as difficult, and could lead to food and bills paid or it could end up with me, holding his sign?

The recent track history in my career hasn’t been that great. I had heard of people when I was younger who had several jobs and several retrenchments, I never thought that it would happen to me – not one redundancy, but, over my career, 4. The saddest thing about a redundancy, the most soul destroying aspect, is that you just cannot go back and try again. The door is bolted shut against a return, some companies allow you back to sell again if the parting was amicable, but a redundancy really tells you that the door is closed and the position you held will never, ever be used again.

In most cases, the job you left or the job that you were retrenched from meant that you never went back. I call the past mistakes and retrenchments in my career the “trail of destruction” and refer to the advice I received from others as I journeyed along as, in some part, defective. If I think back, I realise that some of the decisions were not my own. I was coerced into making decisions that benefited others, but, when you get down to it, damaged me.

I have the occasional “What if” brainstorm – where I look at decisions and their impact and wonder if I had been more forceful, more demanding, would they have ended the same way? What if I had stayed in jobs that I loved when I was told to find a “better one”, with better hours or better pay? What if I had said no when I was told that the decision was “me or the job”? Where would I be now? Would I be happy? Would I have reached a senior role where I had felt happy doing what I was doing and not worrying about what other people said? The answers as always are that I will never know. I can’t rewrite the past, I can only write the future. The chains that bound me to decisions that were manipulated by others have been lifted and I am now standing on the brink of something better.

I am looking for new challenges and opportunities. I am looking for a new job that calls to me and makes me want to be there. I am ready to face my future again – alone, part of a team, doesn’t matter. I am reborn again with the singular purpose of achieving greatness. I am believing in me again, my positive mental attitude is slowly climbing again and when  that battery level is full, look out, world. I want to take every opportunity with both hands and live it. I want to be able to stand amongst my peers and say that I am of importance.

I am looking for new challenges and opportunities. I know who I am again, where I am going and what I want to do with the rest of my life.

My card now reads “Employ Me! You know you want to!”


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