Posted by: peterhact | August 17, 2012

it is all about image

Now, I know that over  my career I have annoyed people, never really got on with some people and have a couple that avoid me like the plague. Image in sales is everything. If you are being portrayed in a bad light, it is the most damaging thing, and may result in a complete overhaul of you, a reinvention of who you are and what you stand for. The common thread in my career is that if people don’t like me, they have the common courtesy to tell me. Not everybody else first, and I find out through a couple of trusted contacts, me.

If I have slighted somebody, or made a mistake, they usually tell me what it is I have done so that I can either apologise (if it is warranted), explain myself (if it is needed), or, and this is very important, fix the issue. I am not closed to conversation. In truth, I would prefer to talk about something instead of finding out last about the problem and having perceptions on me, my performance and my character thrown into disrepute. There are certain things about me that I do not discuss with the world. I do not advertise my personal problems, I have only recently opened up about some telling points in my life – and those points happened well over 20 years ago.

The industry I am in is very insular. Someone I know knows someone else who may know me or at least, and this is amusing from time to time, knows someone in the Canberra market with the same name as I. Newsflash, people: it is a pretty common name. There are at least 5 of us with the same name, in the ICT industry in Canberra. I am unable to tell you about their characters, they seem like nice people, but I don’t actually spend any time speaking to them.

Then there was the recent spate of articles that I did not write for a national ICT magazine. I didn’t write those articles. I did write some a while ago for the magazine in question, but the latest batch aren’t me. That bloke with the same name as me lives in Melbourne. He and I are not the same person. I have never met him. Asking me more about those articles is a bit silly, I didn’t write them, and, most of the time, I haven’t read them yet. Taking offence to those articles that “I” wrote and blaming “me” for some of the discussions is a bit silly.

Ask me. I am on many different forms of communication, ranging from LinkedIn to twitter, I am very approachable, I do respond to most queries about me and things that I have done, if you buy me a coffee I will listen to you (I listen to anyone who buys me a coffee), if there is an issue with me, raise it.

I guess what I am asking for is transparency. If you have an issue with me, tell me. If it is something I can fix, I will. If it is something I cannot, I will at least talk to you about it. Perhaps we can find common ground. maybe not. At least by speaking to me directly about your concerns, I can endeavor to  learn and improve myself. I can try to avoid the mistakes I make now in the future.

So here I am. If you know me and have a problem, you don’t need to use this blog to contact me. you know my contact details. if you know me but don’t have them, make a comment here. I will follow up with you and ensure that your question is answered, your criticism is taken and analyzed and responded to, and if there is a mistake I have made, big or small, let me know so that I can do something towards fixing it.


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