Posted by: peterhact | October 6, 2011


Last year, in march, I wrote a blog post about Apple and the Enterprise. the link is here: I was trying to encourage the use of Apple in the enterprise, as I felt it really hasn’t been accepted as a proper, serious system.

Then again, Apple were never about being serious. Apple were about using technology in the home, in the office, in the schools. Serious wasn’t fun, Computers should be a balance of work and fun.

Now, today, in a haze of sadness, I have learnt that the man that I came to revere, the man who brought Apple computers back into the spotlight, has passed away.

Steve Jobs, for me, was Apple. He was an inventor, innovator, master craftsman and leader. He made us all see the potential we all had in us. We found that we could associate with his humble beginnings, commiserate with his failures and be buoyed by his successes.

I never knew that the SE30 had signatures in its case until I came to work for an Apple reseller. I never knew the power that web objects had or the functionality that Filemaker Pro could be used to achieve till I did the Learn and earn program through Apple.  I saw my first PDA, a Newton, while working at the Apple reseller. I still have newton badges floating around at home.

Apple seemed to be in a bit of a decline when I started working with their products. The main users were Graphic Designers, who practiced an arcane art that I could never hope to understand or use. The market didn’t seem to know that Apple was still around.

Then, in a veil of secrecy, I was introduced to the iMac. It wasn’t black or beige, it wasn’t unfriendly, it seemed to encourage me to use it. Me, and every other person on the planet. It wasn’t a cheap system, but it was an eye-catching system. Apple was back. Steve was back. The world was learning to “Think Different” and we welcomed the chance with open arms, minds & hearts.

There have been many Apple advances in ICT. the ipod let us carry music that didn’t get caught in the machine like tape did. The ipad let us write, tweet, read anywhere. it wasn’t the first, but in typical Apple fashion, it was the best at doing what we wanted at the time.

Throughout all of this innovation, riots of colour, diverse products, imaginative approaches, unique perspectives, one thing has been constant. Steve Jobs. He was a father figure that led us to imaginative technology. He has introduced us to the magic. He has shattered our concepts of what a PC can be, he has broadened our vision, he has made us think different.

And now, he is gone.

Will we slip into melancholy about what once was, or will we learn and live by his example? Will his legacy be the innovative approaches we take in the future? Will every new invention in the ICT sector have some link to the world he let us imagine?

I want it to be true. I want the innovative ideas that my children discover to be far superior than the ones I have discovered. I want the future to be bright, fantastic and, in some way, a part of Steve’s brilliance.


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