Posted by: peterhact | September 29, 2011

BYO Computers

OK, you have spent a lot of money getting the perfect notebook for your out of hours activities. This notebook allows you to do so much more than the clunky work system that you have been supplied. In fact, without telling the IT department, you are now using it to connect to the company email, sending documents through a VPN connection, basically, you are a rebel worker.

How can a company benefit from the BYO computer movement? what are the benefits that they can gain from the use of an employee’s personal system?

Here are my views on the whole situation.
1. The equipment isn’t the company’s, so any repair costs are the employee’s problem.

2. Companies can standardise on connection methods, types of connections and the limitations of data that can be removed from the servers, for use on the employee systems.

3. If an employee leaves, they must submit their system to scrutiny to prevent data loss. This almost always is a sticking point with employers and employees alike. How far can an IT department person go in the scrutiny process?

4. All employee PCs or Notebooks or Macs must be capable of running the company security software. if your system can’t, then it can’t be allowed in the network.

What do you think? Do the benefits outweigh the hassle of  disconnecting your home system and bringing it in, or is this a new innovative approach that is destined to fail?






  1. Your argument implies that I can actually transport my home PC.

    (It weighs the best part of 30KG and would need a double desk just for the monitors.)

    • If you wanted to take a home pc to work, it would have to stay there. I was referring to people who have netbook or notebook computers. Many find that leaving their portable computers at work doesn’t sit very well with them.

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