Posted by: peterhact | September 28, 2011

A great cause…

This year, I am up to date on the Christmas presents. I was going to make a calendar for the grandparents, when I discovered a great cause that I felt would benefit from my funds for the calendars as donations. This is what I have done.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the grandparents will dip out, just that they all will receive the same present, exactly the same, in fact.

Why isn’t this in my personal blog? because the person providing these presents needs help from both my personal contacts if they are interested, and my professional ones as well. They are on a mission to raise funds for a small community in Victoria that has seen the ultimate levels of suffering, in the aftermath of Black Saturday, 2009 – probably one of the saddest chapters in the history of Australia.

As someone who has experienced bushfires first hand in the Canberra 2003 event, the feelings of loss, anger and resignation to the aftermath – my house was spared, my father’s wasn’t, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to why this house burned or this one was spared, and that there were only 4 deaths overall.

Marysville suffered a far worse level of destruction, death and damage loss. Both locations have had to face the task of rebuilding, and the decisions that the residents had to make, personal ones as to whether they would stay and rebuild or move on to a place that might be safer for their families were unenviable. a snippet from the other site I am referring to is this:

“Saturday 7th February 2009, now known as Black Saturday, saw the state of Victoria devastated by uncontrollable bushfires. There were many towns wiped from maps, thousands of buildings lost and 173 people perished.

The devastation of Marysville was almost complete.”

Now, I am not going to rabbit on about Canberra. we were lucky in many ways, but there was still a terrible loss experienced by people who lost their homes – the houses weren’t the loss they suffered, houses can be rebuilt. These people lost their memories, their history, their identities. After many had rebuilt, it was no comfort to be told by people who didn’t understand what had occurred that “at least you got a lovely new house”. Most residents would have preferred their old, weatherbeaten houses. Full of their possessions.

Marysville and many other towns have now experienced the same loss, but they have one difference, they lost friends and family and their history.

So to the presents I have bought. I have purchased several Marysville cookbooks and I will be giving them to my family as they are great books, with the ability to add in your own recipes, and make the book your own.

Every book means a $10 donation to the Marysville community. It isn’t run by a large corporation, it is an idea that one person has had and she has made it into a book that was originally a memory piece for the residents of Marysville, for free. Now it is available to purchase by the worldwide community. There are other items of news on the site, but I would recommend that you read the site to gain an understanding of what this one person has accomplished, and what a shining example of australian mateship this really is.

for those of you that are interested, the site is:

for those of you who aren’t, have a look anyway. Nothing ventured….


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