Posted by: peterhact | March 17, 2011

Technology advances

Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. Yes, the new ASI Nimu netbook isn’t an ipad competitor, yet it is. yes, the new ASI Nimu Tablet is a netbook, but it is, in my opinion, a meshing of the two technologies into something that is overly adaptable, and enables a device that has the best of both worlds. This is where innovation suddenly eclipses the standard ideas, and, to a lesser extent, mimics old technological advances. Tablets with keyboards have been around for a while. Other brands had them, but the big killer was the weight of the device. HP solved this with a tablet PC that had a docking station – the dock was actually a notebook, but this came back to the weight issue. Netbooks are the ideal products for tablets, they are small, power light, weight light and still perform equally or greater than some of the other brands.

The limitations for these new devices is not the device itself, it is the scope of the user. Win 7 pro opens possibilities, and being in an environment where there are applications that can be adapted to suit the user effectively enables diverse and innovative pathways to explore and bring into fruition.

For example, using a forms based checklist in an adobe or microsoft format enables the accurate capture of information – which can be uploaded to a cloud repository for distribution to a branch or head office, either for archiving or preparation of a solution based on the notes taken during the appointment or service call. The pen side enables accuracy – a mix of text and checkboxing means that the information  is accurate.

Where could this technology be applied? Any industry that relies on the capture of data in forms, notes and management of the information could benefit. Libraries could use the nimu to catalog, it has several USB ports and a hand scanner could be attached, utilising the barcode software to capture asset information.

The only limitations are the imagination of the user or solution provider.

This blog was written on a Nimu NL2, in the pen mode, in landscape. It took me 20 minutes to write. Typing for me would be longer as I am a two finger typist.



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