Posted by: peterhact | January 24, 2011

I was retrenched. so why am I so upbeat about it?

I finished up with my latest employer on Friday. It came as a shock that I was part of a sales team that had no direction forward, instead we were being downsized. That still strikes me as funny – Sales teams drive revenue, without them, revenue dwindles and eventually dies. Sure, there is ongoing work, but, to succeed, a company needs to gain new clients and new opportunities.

Funnier still, one of my opportunities went to the final phase, we were shortlisted. No reprieve for me from the CEO, the company will take on the opportunity themselves.

I was thinking about what I had done whilst there – established a social media presence, promoted via different mediums, wrote a marketing plan, sales plan and started the reinvention process for a brand.

Why am I so upbeat? this was the kick I needed. I need to reinvent my brand, and change my thinking.

Now, I want to see what is out there. I think I have herded cats long enough, in a sales role, now, I want to herd cats as a manager.

I think I am ready. But now comes the hard part, stepping away from safe territory into a manager’s role.  I am ready now, to build my profile and start working in a higher eschalon.



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