Posted by: peterhact | November 22, 2010

A full moon week

Every year that I was in retail, the full moon played havoc with my crop of clients, they were decidedly weirder than every other week. There were all sorts of weird – from the people who flew into a rage at the price, to the ones who kicked tyres so hard that you felt sure that they would never make a decision, or were writing a book on technology.A few seemed to be tuned into a different wavelength, and only appeared when the moon was full, but never visible when it wasn’t.

The phone wasn’t a refuge from the strange people either – callers that wanted to know if we had certain things in stock, who phoned us many times a day, almost willing us to tell them we were out of the item, so that they could complain.

Full moon is definitely a time of strange.

When i moved away from retail, I sighed with relief that I was never going to deal with these kinds of people ever again. wrong. The corporate space seems to have a completely different type of species, they lurk on the phone, comment on websites, and just give off an aura that there is something not quite right with them.

Meetings become an interesting exercise, sometimes the people didn’t show, sometimes they blamed you for being late / slow / early / aggressive / passive or talking about something that they really didn’t have an interest for.

Through all of the strange people, there were normal people as well, some that I knew were affected in some way – people seemed to have forgotten discussions only the week before, some queried invoices even though the order matched the invoice line for line, and others called to ask why we were delivering equipment to them – even though they had sent a purchase order through earlier in the month.

It isn’t just a phenomenon linked to selling, but to all aspects of life. Motorists seem to be shorter fused, tourists get snarled at when asking directions, there is a primal link to the full moon and us all on a bone level.

Last night, some fella decided to howl at the moon, for whatever reason. The surprise for him was the answering howls, as the neighborhood dogs called back – some of which are wolf-looking, and he only did it the once. It sent chills down my spine, but at least he only did it once.

I am counting my blessings that there may be a full moon, but the weather isn’t stinking hot – that starts us down a path of combined crazy and strange.

Do you notice a difference in the people around you? does the full moon herald a difference in the behaviors of the people you interact with?


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