Posted by: peterhact | October 27, 2010

What is the pre requisite to be a manager?

How often do you think about becoming a manager? Do you wonder about heading up your section, department, team or company? What makes a good manager, in your opinion?

The only pre-requisite that I feel starts you on the management path is belief. Belief in yourself, belief in the ability to make a difference, and in helping the Organisation achieve their goals.

There are, of course, other things that you need to exhibit, passion in what you do, empowerment and a good old drive fueled by a fire in the belly. This will hold you in good stead to achieve in your current job, and aim higher for other roles.

Once you know what it is you want to do, try to see from your colleagues perspective whether you could lead them. If you are the type that gets steamrolled by others, look at the why and how. Try to see whether you are bring helpful, or if they are taking advantage of you.

Once you can identify potential instances where you got taken for granted, work out a plan to prevent it happening again. You are dealing with manipulation from others- sometimes very good, sometimes very transparent. The best way to stop it is to stand your ground, identify the instances and point out to the perpetrators that they are doing it.

If the opportunity comes up to be the manager of a section, take it. Grasp it with both hands, and see whether you can do it. If you don’t try, you won’t know…

I must admit, I haven’t risen to the challenge yet. I will, when the opportunity presents itself, again, but up until now, I have focused on being the best of the best in my sales focus. Now, after doing this for a while, it is time to reassess my priorities and look at the big, medium and small picture.

In order to be a manager of some repute, you need to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your character, your team and the company as well. Once you know what the challenges you face are, you can start to work through them. The first one to address is the most obvious, and the most important.

Before you can fix the other problems, sort out your own first. Training, mentoring and learning through other’s examples are of benefit. Focus on working toward a plan of the future that includes set milestones that are reachable and make the step into management easy rather than a leap of faith.


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