Posted by: peterhact | October 23, 2010

What makes a reseller stand out from the crowd?

I remember why I left the reseller game and went to distribution willingly. There were 4, maybe 5 competitors. There was a lot more opportunity. So why have I come back to a cut-throat, competitive and over saturated reseller market?

There are opportunities here. There are:

1. New clients appearing every single day

2. New technologies releasing every day

3. advantages in being ex- reseller and ex-distributor. (the biggest one is being able to use the quoting system – makes me far more self reliant)

So I am now in my job for 3-months. Passed probation. accountable for my targets, accountable to my clients in ways I wasn’t before, and filled with the same drive, passion and determination I have had throughout my career. I am empowered, energised and filled with purpose.

The big question is, however, what makes this company I am working at the best of the best of the best??

One factor is the basic focus of the company. we aren’t a group of individuals, we are a team, broken up into sections, but with the most phenomenal glue between us – we work together on every single opportunity, we provide support to our defined clients – both internal and external, and we actually care about the services we deliver. Rare in this time of uncertainty with the Filter, the Aussie Dollar approaching Parity and the influx of new resellers into the market every day.

We strategise. We look at all our strengths and weaknesses and work out how we can improve. we look at the small picture, the big picture and create timelines between them – how can we hit specific milestones in a period of time?

Want to know how we stand out? come and ask us.

But I won’t be telling you where we are, or who we are.

I have found that the written word is a powerful thing, so I am leaving this one hanging….



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