Posted by: peterhact | August 11, 2010

Journal of a Booth Boy – the Aftermath….

So, I have been standing up continually for two days. I have seen many old friends and potential new friends, heckled other booth people, generally had a good time of it. But now, in the aftermath, comes the hard part. We have to write the reports of who visited, who was interested in our products, who went into the lucky prize draw for the Lenovo netbook. (we have removed the booth peoples cards, after all, this is a prize for the end users, not booth people) We have to look at all the work done, and the actual return on our investment, to see if we have a chance to plead to go again next year. The next couple of weeks are the time when we call the contacts, and see if there is any additional business that we can gain from the exercise.

Events are hard. they are time consuming, they impact you physically and take you out of the loop for a couple of days. (especially at the Hyatt Canberra, if you are with Telstra, full coverage. everyone else, find a vantage point outside that allows you to get a couple of bars if you are very, very lucky) You have to be there to get the company profile raised. You have to be there to compete with the large enterprises (who, I might add, weren’t actually there). You have to take every opportunity to promote your business as the market space shrinks – dwindles into panel contracts and a definite lack of opportunity, that mean that there is more in a smaller space in the environment.

The events that have been in the Canberra space recently have had massive attendees. the Microsoft and other large player events that are held at difficult venues – by difficult I mean hard to access, or park near, don’t get the numbers. And they are the ones who suffer…


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