Posted by: peterhact | August 11, 2010

Journal of a Booth Boy – Day 2

After day 1, with aching back, legs, feet and a fear that when i took off my business shoes my feet would never ever fit in them again, I slept pretty soundly, awoke at 6 again, got ready and headed out via coffee shop at my local shops to the event again.

The second day way pretty much the same as the first, we had worked out a plan of attack, I would go and engage with people I knew, and bring them back to the stand, to explain who insitec was, and what we do. I had got to the event very early, but this time, had stopped off at the local coffee shop and was full of cheaper, nicer coffee. The start time had allowed me to write the first day events, and be ready for the new faces at the event. It seemed that the delegates were running tag teams, the people who came yesterday weren’t all there, and there were people who were new and interested in the company and me.

I had sat in on Don Easter’s presentation on the first day, and was able to meet the IT Supplier Advocate on the second day. He had mentioned my article on CRN, and I was filled with trepidation as to how that went down. I was worried that I had overstepped the boundaries as to my perception of his role, but I needn’t have worried, he is a very interesting man, and was very interested to see the full blog article that the CRN article was based on. He gave me his card so that I could send him the link. I don’t know what he will do with it, but I sent it to him last night.

I was going to write this article last night, but, being nearly forty, standing up all day for two days has exacted a heavy toll and I just craved an early night – realised when I was falling asleep on the lounge after watching a program at 9.30 that I was destined for an early one…

The booth we had was pretty busy on day two. we were going to draw the winner of the business card draw, but decided, after the tear down started at 3.00, that we would do it today. I will complete this series tonight, with the final journal entry – Journal of a booth boy – the aftermath…


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