Posted by: peterhact | August 10, 2010

Journal of a Booth Boy – Day 1

So here is the journal of a booth boy, my experiences on a booth, at an event, and how I discovered how much I missed this….

I got up really early yesterday, day 1. couldn’t sleep. I drove across town, and was at the booth earlier than the others, it gave me a chance to see who was also on booths, and get an idea of the other things I needed to be aware of. Point 1. our booth, for whatever reason, is located next to the kitchen door. isn’t that supposed to be the worst place to be put? so it goes. I seem to be able to spend time talking to people, not actually on the booth itself, which is a good thing, as the company info is still a bit sketchy for me, seeing as it has only been a month since I joined.

Instead, I am bumping into people that I knew in my earlier sales career, and am having a lot of fun doing it. There are many familiar faces, both at other booths, and at the event proper. I have managed to touch base with most of them, and have had some great discussions around managed services, technology and the changing landscape of the ICT environment.

and now, it is day two. will post a new post about that day and my summary tonight…


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