Posted by: peterhact | August 9, 2010

the times they are a-changing

Tomorrow, for the first time in a long time, I will be a booth boy. The last time was many years ago, before the Hyatt had taken the crown as the venue of choice. Back then, it was the Canberra Convention Centre that held the biggest event on the ICT industry calendar, AUSCOM. Back then, there were industry leaders rubbing shoulders with the small players, Pr1me Computers, SCO, Cisco, Aldus, Apple, Sun, HP, Tektronix. there were many names that still exist or have been lost in the data streams of time. The event was big. it was huge. and if you got to go, you coveted the opportunity and didn’t brag (much) to your mates.

It was the chocolate factory of the industry, every new technology was on display, you got to meet leaders, you were in awe of the people you bumped into, names you knew in the industry from your elders, but never had the chance to meet. If you were really lucky, you got invited to the party at rascals, a small bar that was well known to all in the industry, don’t bother looking for it now, it is long gone, like most of the memorable people that frequented it.

I remember seeing the Pr1me computers robot, not unlike C3PO, but all in white, and not knowing that there was a man in there, I had naivete then, I believed what my eyes told me. But that is so long ago. Nowadays, the big events are lost, the research and development is off-shore, and we have seen a resurgence in the technology and directions of the new companies – just not in canberra.

Lets have a look at this for moment. Canberra, for those industry leaders who don’t seem to know, is the Capital of Australia. True. really true. So, why don’t big businesses actually spend any time on developing the market here? why do you insist on missing opportunities to promote your brand in canberra? Why is it, when you need to be concentrating on retaining clients in order to grow, that you feel that canberra isn’t worthy of your attention? The recent VMWare event was full to standing capacity. Here is an example of a company who gets it. where were the rest of you?

Now, there is a new event to attend. the speakers include the IT Supplier Advocate – Mr Don Easter, Senator Kate Lundy, Kevin Noonan from Ovum, the head of AGIMO, and if I were a large company trying to gain exposure in the canberra market, I would have run my event around the same week, so as to keep the client’s interests piqued.

I am planning on writing a “journal” from each day at the event. I will document what I have seen and learnt, so that those of you who cannot attend can know what was talked about and what is new in the ICT world. It may be funny, it may be serious, but it will be worth it, as it is a very important event that we all need to know about the topics and the outcomes.


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