Posted by: peterhact | August 3, 2010

The dreaded online survey

how many times have you been sent an email with an online survey request in it? “we value your opinion, please complete the survey so that we can make your experience with our company better”. Over the years, I have attempted to complete several surveys, only to find that I am in the wrong age bracket, I am the wrong sex, or I don’t buy the right products.

Nearly every survey request i get now gets binned. I don’t have the time to get halfway through to find that I am not “suitable” for that particular survey.

And that got me thinking, of the surveys that I do complete, what happens to the information I provide? does it enable and empower a company to make the changes they need to make the client experience better? or do they look at the data and file it away for future reference, so that it never sees the light of day?

So I started looking at the survey offerings on the web. I was looking for a specific survey package that was off-line, and worked on both mac and windows. I wanted something that enabled me to create the survey, test it and then publish to the web.

Do you know how many survey packages are out there? and how many are so complex that you need a degree to read the manual? no wonder we never hear about how our data helped the company who requested it, they are bogged down in analysis and working out what they need to do to make it all right.

so this is my new task. Find a package that is easy to understand, use and identify key components that can be addressed.

I am still looking.


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