Posted by: peterhact | July 25, 2010

Back in the saddle again. A little older and wiser, and it is going to be great!

I am in a unique position. I have left distribution and joined a reseller again, but am still firmly committed to growing technology awareness in the industry. I decided that the best way for my career to grow was to change my focus from helping resellers to becoming one again.

The things I have learnt at distribution have made me realise that I was a bit different to my peers in that particular segment of the industry – for example, you would have thought that my access to my old employer’s site would have been set up in the week I was on “holiday” between the two jobs. That is what I would have done for the employee who had left. It isn’t hard to phone the new company when you know who it is to enable the access to be established. Unfortunately, there was no proactive attention from them. I requested my access on Monday, and found that I had to escalate it on Thursday to get it set up. I got it on Friday. Something I recently mentioned in an article on CRN is that the distributors need the resellers, they need you to be buying from them. basic concept, I know, but it seems to be a big stretch for some of them.

I am not going to chase up opportunities with distributors if they don’t have a quote back to me after a day. I will find the quote info elsewhere. The reason? easy. many of the people on this site work in the land of the end user. If you request a quote from a reseller like me, and I take Two days to come back, chances are that I have already lost the opportunity. Actually, the odds aren’t in my favor after the first day. I prided myself on being a quick responder. you asked me for a quote when I was your rep at the distie? some came back in 15 mins. why? because the underlying advantage you received was the agility to get your quote in faster than the competitor and thus create an expectation with the end user that the others couldn’t match.

And now, back at the coal face, I realise that I was in the minority of good experiences for resellers. Shame of it is that resellers can innovate and be agile, so why can’t distributors do the same?

Back to the new job: Been there a week, have already submitted a marketing plan, engaged with some key clients, and am tracking for some major wins with some in-house web apps. we are a sharepoint house, we use mac on 70% of the desktops, and I can tell you, it feels great to be back!

On the sharepoint note – recently received a cold call from another sharepoint house, asking who looked after our sharepoint environment. hmmm. perhaps the cold caller shouldn’t be using the microsoft partner listing to find new clients. they are going to be very disappointed very quickly by the lack of enthusiasm from the potential clients.

I needed to plug the company – why not? the web link is and, after just a week, we are now in twitter too. @insitec – we are canberra based, but as the global community seems to be growing every day, we seem to be in the position of being able to help anyone anywhere….


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