Posted by: peterhact | July 12, 2010

Work life balance

Why is it, when we have a holiday that we seem to relax, then get worried about going back to work? we work to our weekends, holidays and most of us knock off around quitting time. What if you could knock off early, take the family to the beach, and have fun every night? would you be happy? what if the job was in sales? here comes the surprise. many sales people don’t see the afternoon as a fun time, they drive themselves to succeed in a competitive environment. And, slowly, over time, they lose contact with their families and then lose them entirely. Divorce rates can be linked to work life balance issues. I am not an expert, but in the numbers of people who were married when I started in the industry, versus the number who are divorced now, well, that is a really big difference.

And the fail factor for all of this is the job. Sales people are driven, they are hungry, they seek the one thing that they feel will make them happy –



How do you save your family, if you can’t recognize that there is a problem? You may think that the numbers of hours get less as time goes on, they won’t. you may think that it will get easier to sell over time, it won’t. The only constant in all of this is time. and it is the biggest adversary you will face.

Time robs you of speed in response to requests, it robs you of knowledge, techniques and skill.

There will be younger, stronger and faster people rising in the ranks. they will beat you in deals.

So what do you do?

Accept the inevitable. Accept that you won’t be the fastest, the best forever. Look at ways to change who you are and what you do.

and then you can start to reinvent yourself.

Reinvention allows you to change the goals, the rules and the end game. And what are we all fighting for? a “better” life, an easier life and never have to have money worries again. And then you die. so it goes.

I would rather slow down, enjoy the journey and be surrounded by my family every single day.

at least, when I get to the end of the road, the experience will be fun, and I can look back on it and remember the day i grew up and realised that the balance is about life, not work.



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