Posted by: peterhact | June 22, 2010

When social media bites. Hard.

Facebook has announced that they are making changes to their site. I recently “deactivated” my account, but found that I was still getting emails, so that was a bit pointless. I went in, and edited it. removed all my friends. Sorry, but had to be done. I couldn’t leave the account active, I don’t want to be a part of the facebook family.

I have also found that I was subscribed to an ads service. Not happening. I pay money for LinkedIn, that is far more beneficial to me to pay for. So it got canned too. If I want a social network that loads me up with Crap, I will choose what it does, how it interacts with me. I had heard that a few people I knew had missed out on jobs due to having a facebook account, so if I decide to have a life change in my career, I really don’t need any additional obstacles to overcome.

So the withdrawal pangs started after I freed myself, many friends that I had gone to great pains to find, well, they were effectively gone now. But on a positive, I now have more time to dedicate myself to cleaning the house, fixing things, finishing my projects and writing on my blog. Social media is a tool. It should never become something that rules your life.

The facebook concept for me was in the beginning, a tool to find old friends and connect with them, discussing where we were and what we were doing. Then the invitations started, the viral requests to join this game, this app or this survey. Facebook slowly started to change, and I was being overloaded with requests that started to consume my time.

The concept is a good idea, but it seems to have become more like second life. you can spend most of your time in there, but you won’t gain much in the way of rewards.

so, I created 3 blogs, started writing again and killed it off, out of my very busy life.


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