Posted by: peterhact | June 22, 2010

A new site, free and worth the visit!

First off, a bit of a trip down memory lane from me. Many years ago, there was a type of communication called a BBS, or a bulletin board system. it was text based, and there were discussions of a sort with strangers far, far away across the country. We talked about everything, and helped each other with technical stuff when we got stuck with the very limited resources we had in the way of computers. I remember it well, as it was a collaboration of many people with a common passion for technology.

The Internet replaced bulletin boards, and it seemed sterile in comparison, there were larger amounts of information and actual color pictures, but there wasn’t the same reach out and be heard across the network, not the same as we had before. I guess I was searching for a similar linkage in the internet that I had had before, I joined facebook, but soon realised that the “Social” in Social media there was far too entertainment focused, I joined several forums, but there was always a level of professionalism about these sites, and there wasn’t a camaraderie that I remembered.

Then, quite recently, I was introduced to a new and interesting site. I really cannot remember who suggested I check it out, but I will always be grateful to them, whoever they were. The site was a concept established between a group of Microsoft AuTeched attendees, not employed by microsoft, but all are technical professionals, who could see a niche for a site aimed at the Australian and New Zealand Technical community. The site is free. It contains  several key components that are mind blowing for the cost…

Members can:

create and post to your own blog, post events, conferences, groups, and meetups to the events calendar, participate in discussion in forums, create and join groups, with the ability to message groups you’re in, social profile functionality, allowing you to link up with friends, colleagues, and like-minded geeks, add your own links to the members links directory.

There is also a Core Team, the members of which are the most involved/dedicated/interested members, which acts in place of traditional moderators or admins.

One of the aims of the site is also to enable meetups, both on and offline, for networking, sharing of ideas and promoting the site and the Technical community. Through collaboration with other members, you can uncover opportunities and potential problem solving for your business, department or individual growth.

In regard to your Blog, topics can be as varied as you like, with a common underlying theme of technology or professional development,  the latter as it frees the site from being bogged down with purely technical and how-to posts. I have noticed that there has been a good mix of both technical and professional development posts so far, and the balance makes the posts well worth reading. but if you feel it is relevant, you can post it.

Remember, this is a free site. The feeling that the site has is friendly. the admins aren’t evil moderators who will cramp your style, they may pull you up if you break the code of conduct, but as the aim of the site is to allow interaction and collaboration between the different members, to the greater good of the site and the members. I think that they have only been going for about two months, and there are already over 130 members.

I was asked why i was a member of the site recently, by one of my clients. I realised that I am a selling tech, a rare breed that used to be prevalent in the market years ago, but have slowly seemed to be phased out, in favor of sales people with no clue about technology, but with shiny degrees and shoes…

My shoes only get shiny when it rains.

I now am a permanent fixture in the site. I have made many new friends, and learned a great deal. And that is the other point to make about this site. The information about workarounds, problem solving, current employment opportunities that are being listed by employees, not headhunters, the how to information is priceless. Here are a collection of some of the best Microsoft technical professionals, Apple Professionals, Cisco and Citrix experts, I mean, in over 130 members, there must be a massive amount of collective knowledge about the industry, technology and more importantly, they are all keen to help each other.

I am now a member of the Core Team, and we have a presence on twitter. If you want to find out more about the members before joining up, search for the hashtag #autechheads – and get an idea of the types of people, topics and community spirit of the members.

The site is – have a look for yourselves. registration is free, access to all resources is free, and there is even an online store with items at cost price, they don’t even make a profit on the purchases you make.

I hope I see you there.



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