Posted by: peterhact | June 14, 2010

Virtualisation – My personal experience

I decided to run Parallels for the mac, to understand how the virtual world worked. I was a bit ambitious, and installed not one new o/s, but instead, opted for four. Parallels took it in its stride, and I found that I had fully functional environment, with 140gb still free on the main drive. Wow. I first installed a win VM, just to see whether it would work – When I say installed, I mean that parallels discovered the existing windows bootcamp environment, and made it available to me via virtualisation. Next, I installed Ubuntu, and it was a seamless install. Back to a linux environment I went. aaah. Parallels suggested Google Chrome O/S, so it was next. Now, I could have stopped there, but I felt I was on a roll. I downloaded OpenSuSe, and installed it this morning.

Here is the scary thing, I have not yet slept. I lost an entire night to learning, installing and playing with these OSes, and now, shattered as I will be this afternoon, I am absolutely ecstatic that it worked. Parallels shares the resources on the mac with the VMs, so i have still got the same power that I have on the mac.

Next, I am looking at dev environments for each o/s, to download and understand the different environments. I want to have a greater understanding of products that I have only read about, Drupal is high on my list, as is the android environment, and, when I can afford it, I will sign up for the iphone sdk. I can see great things can be done with many environments, and I want to have a go – maybe I will find one I love and start turning out my own work for consideration by others.

Where has all this come from? Well, I don’t want to be a salesman forever. I want to experience other facets of life, I want to be able to take my work with me wherever I go, and I want to be able to make an income grow from what is, right now, a hobby of sorts. I am excited about technology again, and I want to see where it will take me.


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