Posted by: peterhact | April 7, 2010

Research – what it actually means to me

I love to research. I love to find out about new technologies, new players in the ICT industry, new customers, new ways of helping people. I spend a good part of my nights reading industry online magazines, reading other people’s blogs, sharing ideas and information on Twitter, and generally keeping up with the goings on of this vibrant and always changing industry.

I have what I call a kitbag for new resellers or people starting out in the ICT Industry. I can give them these tools, but it is up to them what they do with them.

The kitbag includes:

1. websites that I use to gain information – there are some key websites for information, opinion and specific updates in the ICT industry. These are:

a) CRN – Channel Reseller News – great for resellers, this tells you about what is being discussed, sold or investigated by other resellers.

b) ITNews – Information for everyone, end user and reseller alike. very informative.

c) The Rust Report – Len Rust has been in the ICT industry for a very long time. His report keeps us across who has changed jobs, who is new in the market and what trends are worth paying attention to.

d) Delimiter – new site, But Renai Lemay has been around for a while, and seems to get some of the most amazing interviews from industry leaders. Worth checking him out.

e) Intermedium – Kevin Noonan has a finger on the pulse, but the only thing that detracts his site from my highest praise is that you have to pay him for access to content. Not going to happen, when everyone else is still free.

If you want access to the key sites I recommend for resellers, to do with business, government and Tenders, comment on my post. I will send it out to you via email. there are sites I don’t share publicly, as you really need to ask me for them.



  1. very good article, thanks this is very useful for me

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