Posted by: peterhact | April 6, 2010

Twitter – is it really all that?

If you had told me that I would spend most nights sending messages, engaging in discussions, putting up ideas for discussions, collaborating, talking to people who are in my industry, are journalists, editors, company owners, techs, designers and experts in their fields, and only using 140 characters, I would tell you that you had the wrong guy. I don’t use my phone for any of these things, I am not a texter.

I am interested in networking, I do like to get info from many sources, I love the interaction with my peers and people that I feel are my mental superiors. I love to research new concepts, technologies and ways to do business easily. I have made new friends, people who i can bounce ideas off and give advice to, if they ask me. A lot of the discussions translate to email, 140 chars just isn’t long enough.

Today, i was talking to an editor of several magazines, I gave him my opinion of the industry and the ability to research info on govt sites in public domain – the info is there for all to see, but not many people take the time to look. (This is one of the inherent problems I encountered previously with a former client who claimed I had access to classified information, and got me removed from their account.) These sites have the information up and available for people with the patience to search on it and see what is presented. The information is not classified, it is not secret, but you need to know what you are looking at.

with regard to the editor, it is eerie to hear someone typing in the background when you are speaking to them. you never know what is being written. He asked why I am not a journalist. I am a salesman. I sell. I love to research, I love to assist others, but I don’t interview well. I would rather make my own conclusions about events than record another’s opinion.

Why do i say I have many people who are my mental superiors? well, there are some very creative and talented people on twitter, and they create some of the most innovative solutions I have ever seen. I know my limitations, and these people far surpass my abilities.

So now i use twitter. I get mentioned and mention others, people connect to me and on linked in, based on discussions we have had on twitter. I learn every single day, I gain such information that I never would have known about in my normal day to day dealings.

The most important thing i have learned about Twitter? it is my online family – my friends, my colleagues and my ICT experience. And that it is addictive.



  1. Sometimes I feel like saying to those not on Twitter: “Aren’t you worried that you’ll fall behind on what’s happening?”

    You learn so much on Twitter — it’s like being educated all day, every day.

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