Posted by: peterhact | April 3, 2010

Seems that everyone is getting the Hang of Twitter…

Last year, when i discovered twitter, I had about 10 followers, and I was following about the same. Now, I have over 300 followers, in fact, they update daily. I put a tweet together that said “tweet me who you are and what you do – if I think you are interesting, I will follow you”. how many of my followers responded? 3. the rest kept on following me, and I don’t really hear from them. It is a bit like Facebook – the only thing that seems to happen with facebook is people stop following me, but this is usually after I ask who they are and do I know them?

Twitter, as i keep pointing out, and no-one seems to agree, is the new global village. The Prime Minister is on Twitter, so is his wife. The Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver is on twitter, and points out some great recipes from his site. Bill Gates is on Twitter. Many leaders, business and government, from around the world are on twitter. But the thing that interests me is that the advocates, the innovators, the little companies are on here too. and they are gaining marketshare very quickly, enough for the larger companies to take notice, but not to actually join.

I can speak to people that ordinarily, in my industry, I would have a snowball’s chance in hell of meeting or speaking to. There is a tradition of Follow Friday on twitter. These are the people you want others to follow, to increase their street cred – Twitter style, and you promote them on a friday.

My Twitter name is @peterhau If you want to follow what I say. A special follow list for people that I feel are influencers of the Twitterverse, follow them if you want, but I do, and I feel that I am richer for it. They are accessible through me, you will see what they say to me and if it makes sense, follow them too….

Come on in. the community is warm and inviting, and, as long as you don’t say anything too dumb, they will welcome you with open arms.


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