Posted by: peterhact | April 3, 2010

RePost: Social Media Faux Pas

I posted this a while ago on my first blog, but thought it was worthwhile copying it to this blog – and maybe some other people will get a chance to read it… The only things I can plagiarize are my own writings….

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I have been described as a full on kind of person. If I start using a social medium like Facebook, Twitter, etc, I am over the top in my hunt for friends, connections, hell, I even tweet at home at 3.00am.

I recently committed a cardinal sin, on twitter, by DM’ing a person that I really didn’t know, at all, multiple times. It wasn’t until they contacted me and asked that I cease my Stalking that I realised, that to a person I didn’t know at all, and who really didn’t know me, that it was pretty easy to see where the mistake was made. I was genuinely interested in what the person had to say, and was asking questions – innocently in my eyes, but that is not how it was taken by the person in question.

They were scared by my continual bombardment of questions, comments, and attempts to learn more about them. And I was ashamed that they felt that way. So, I apologised. I stopped sending DM’s to them, I withdrew any comments about what they were saying. I got to a point where I was embarrassed to provide advice about things they were looking for, and tried to avoid their tweets. When I did answer a question, I made sure that it was only the facts, not any additional information, and I still felt put off responding. Some of the comments that they made about me to me were uncalled for, there were things that they got terribly wrong, but I felt that there wasn’t any way to redeem myself in their eyes, so i gave up.

Now, I don’t want to answer their questions, I am trying to avoid their comments, and I feel down about what I have done to them. I understand that if you don’t know me, and I am sending you messages, lots, as I do with the people that do know me, it is easy to join up the dots to loony. For that, I am sorry.

Now, to make matters worse, I went and washed my car in weston, had to drive it around a bit to get the water off, and went to a local charity and chucked about $5 in shrapnel into a donation box. I then drove back to work. I mentioned this on another blog, and found that I had neglected to note that the person who feels threatened by me worked there. Dumb decision on my part, but not intentional. I completely forgot where they worked. I wanted to see what this particular charity looked like after the fires, but never got a chance to go there.

In hindsight, I cannot blame them for feeling threatened.

So, this is my tale of woe. I won’t do that again, I will keep my DM’s for people I know really well, and who know me.



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