Posted by: peterhact | April 1, 2010

web 2.0 – web 3.0 and potential impacts to business adoption

As we have seen recently, there has been a massive take-up of social media implementations in business. What has fueled this shift towards web 2.0? simply put, it is a case of Me-too. Businesses are watching the major vendors adding twitter, facebook and linkedin to their stable of marketing deployment mechanisms, being able to get a targeted message out to a massive audience is now easier using these SM disciplines.

And what can you do with web 2.0? you can connect to new potential clients, strengthen ties with existing clients, provide reactive and proactive responses that are specifically tailored to the client you are connecting to. The ability to make a business appear to be far more agile than their competitors is a major draw card for many businesses who are in a particular market segment that has been hit hard by the GFC.

Considering that there are over 2,000 small businesses who are fighting for the Canberra business in the ICT reseller space, Innovation, as mentioned by Senator Kate Lundy recently, is key. Being the cheapest won’t win all your business, it sets an expectation that all deals will be low priced – even when it isn’t practicible to do so. Business needs to look at “thinking out of the box”, creating a proposal that is “a thing of beauty” and providing the supporting research and information to make the solution viable. Price will eventually return to its place as one of many factors of overall value for money, not the major factor in the decision making process.

Innovative companies will become victors in the complex and competitive market, and one of the drivers for the achievement of this level is the usage of technologies that traditionally were never seen as a business orientated direction, until quite recently.

The Social Media technologies allow Business to be able to promote their offerings, create solutions that are innovative, connect to experts in many different fields, collaborate with their peers to achieve common goals, keep their clients informed of market trends, new releases and potential opportunities within their sectors.

Social media also has the ability to open up businesses to opportunities globally, by providing a borderless environment whereby information is not strictly localised, but can be extended to other businesses with a need that can be solved on the other side of the world. The ultimate goal for a business on the world stage is to be able to meet the needs of all customers, whether in the same country or not, and with the free trade agreements seeing more businesses attracted to opportunities here in Australia, Social Media allows the local companies to extend their reach back to the participants’ home country and effectively engage with them, creating strong partnerships and a very competitive edge.

But web 2.0 is not just social media. It is a lot of offerings that benefit  adopters through many ways. There are opportunities to allow business to tap into the new application markets for the Blackberry, iPhone and Android, basing their solutions on these platforms and gaining a new revenue stream. Customers can be kept informed through the use of RSS Feeds, Blogs have now got options for RSS feeders that inform subscribers of new posts, preventing time being wasted by searching a blog for relevant information and posts – This blog utilises this technology already.

Podcasts can be used to deliver keynotes to people who were not available to attend the initial webcast, where the information is highly relevant to the person, but they were unable to attend – sometimes due to time differences, other times due to prior commitments with work.

Webcasts allow information to be shared with a massive audience, not just country specific, but globally. The new Teleconferencing systems can utilise the internet as a deployment protocol, and extend the reach of the messages business is trying to make to all potential clients, again, anywhere in the world. Further to this, You-Tube allows the recorded information to be played at any time, ads appear as videos, training sessions appear as videos, and anything that has relevance to your business potentially is in there…

The future of the ICT industry isn’t based on price, it is based on the levels of engagement that you can create with your clients, your peers and your suppliers or vendors. This new technology direction allows the end user to face a future with far more choices than ever before and the ability to create a far more innovative and agile solution to meet, encompass and challenge their perception of their needs.



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