Posted by: peterhact | March 19, 2010

I blame Nostalgia

I was on one of the sites I subscribe to today, reading an article on the Technology and how it has changed over the years.  If you want to read it, it can be found here: I was writing a comment when i realised something, if you consider the different types of technology that we have today, not just in the ICT sector, we really have come a long way.

Imagine being told that in 10 years, you would have a fridge with access to the internet in it, back in 1992. There are a couple of things that you would have to explain. One, of course, would be what the Internet was. and after you finished that, you would have to explain what an ADSL connection was and how the computer, normally a behemoth of a thing, got to be that small. I am certain that a flat panel screen would present some difficulties too.

We really have come a long way. Computers started being large, cumbersome and expensive, now, they are a third of the size, have far more grunt than their older versions and you can pick up a netbook for under $400…

We have all these faster, better things at our fingertips. So why are we still stuck in a rut of stress, late nights at work, stress, mountains of work, stress, working out a work / life balance, stress, and stress? Why didn’t the advances in technology make our lives easier? We adapted to the speed of technology. we changed from faxes to emails, and became more efficient, then increased the amount of work we were capable of doing. we never actually took it easy, we accelerated our pace, and ran headlong towards the finish line, which, when you think about it, is a bit dumb. What is waiting for us at the finish? Not a lot.

I have started to work more efficiently, I try to go home at 5.30, and I enjoy my life with walks, gardening and other stressless activities.


I am a techno-junkie. the latest and greatest products captivate me. Why? well, back when I was a kid, the vic 20 had just come out, and we all clustered around a mate’s tv to see it. Then the commodore 64, which was in COLOR! as the technology has changed, I have watched it with interest. And I am certain that the best is yet to come. As long as I get to see it, I will be happy.



  1. Hi Peter,

    I totally love your blog. I have just come back from my sales kick off where my Sales director (APAC) showed us your sales 101 post.

    Do you have any tips for client presentations?



    • Hi Dave,

      Client presentations are great once you have found your “niche” – I can now talk to a small group, or an auditorium packed with people. I am always nervous at the start, and if I weren’t, I would be worried. Dependent on the industry you are in, there are several decent presentation skills courses around, the most recent one I have completed was with Symantec – the skills are the same, but the subject matter was symantec focused. Have a look on linkedin if you use it for my profile, I can pass you the best profiles of people who either train or can recommend good ones in town.


      • Hi Peter,

        I am in the IT industry, but strangely enough my employer frowns upon us posting on public blogs….go figure!!

        Looking at maybe taking an internal promotion to Canberra (Assistant Manager). Downside is that I have a few pets (including a mated pair of purebreed miniature bristlebacks); and the Canberra rental market seems to be very tight. What is with that? any tips?

        Thanks for the offer on trainers, don’t really like to do Linkedin as I am a bit paranoid (doesn’t mean they are not after me! ;))
        If you could recomend one or two trainers and maybe recomend a decent delicatessen in town I would appreciate it.



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